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· Debt could be a doorway to slavery, even for the next generation

· The lender/creditor represents the Devil or the spirit of the world

· It knocks on the door of the Church seeking to enslave the next generation

· Only one thing stood between the freedom and the slavery of the next generation

· That thing was “What can I do for you?....What do you have here”? (2 Kings 4:2)

· What you have in your house could either be a doorway or a barrier to the entry of your miracle

· What is in your home? A place of worship? Prayer?


· Oil represents the Holy Spirit, the Anointing of God, and the Power of God’s Spirit

· The oil was not the problem.

· The solution to the widow’s problem did not lie outside the house, it was inside the house

· Our problem is not the absence of oil, but the addition of other things

· She had to lose everything except the oil, so that she knows that her real existence was on the oil and not the peripheral things

· We should be careful of the temptation to lean on other things in the Church other than the Holy Spirit

· The oil was not the issue, the main problem was the lack of vessels

· God has never run out of oil, miracles, provisions, money and power.

· God needed vessels to put His miracles


· The widow determined the magnitude of the miracle.

· The oil ceased when the vessels got finished

· It is not the vessel that determines the value of the product, the product determines the value of the vessel

· God wants vessels to put his miracles

· He wants clean and empty vessels to use


· God, Satan and all the other angels are all spirits

· Only human beings have the appropriate vessel to live on this earth

· God created the earth and handed over the dominion to Adam

· Satan had to borrow the vessel of a snake before he could enter the Garden

· God had to wait for 42 generations before a prepared vessel was made available

· Mary was the container that carried the product Jesus, reason we worship Jesus and not her

· Jesus is the vessel that carried the Christ (the whole embodiment of the Godhead)

· When you carry Jesus, the change should be visible


· The oil ceased once there were no more vessels

· Satan cannot attack the oil, but he will do everything to attack the vessel

· It started with he trying to kill baby Moses and baby Jesus, both redeemers of God’s people

· Had he succeeded, he could have changed the plans of God

· Satan cannot attack the oil on your life, but will attack you with physical and spiritual impurities

· Satan’s plan to attack God has always been the same, go for the vessels who carry His power

· Satan is killing many vessels through Abortion

· Reason why we will have to lead sanctified and purified lives

· Your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit

· Jesus borrowed Joseph’s tomb for 3days, but He bought your body permanently

· Jesus didn’t perform a miracle after the Resurrection.

· He rather requested for vessels in which He could pour out His Holy Spirit

· Those 120 vessels turned the world upside down


· In our generation, who will be the vessel?

· God needs vessels for the preaching of the Gospel

· Prayer for spiritual cleansing

· Prayer for filling by the Holy Spirit

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