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An unfamiliar topic indeed, no wonder many a believer will shun any

discussion of this subject. The reasons.... We are soon going to find out.

Ever imagine that as Christ's ambassadors on earth we could populate

the Kingdom of God with earthlings while we stand aside and watch

them fly above during the second advent of our Lord.

Well read on and see.

Let's define a heaven bound as the person who will join his converts

in Heaven and a signpost as one who will be left behind after everything.

Was it for anything that Jude 1:4 says that there are some traitors among

us. Could I be one? Could it be you? The crux of the matter is that most

Christians today are new-age Pharisees 'ravening wolves inside but

gentle lambs outside '

Focal Texts: Matthew 7:21-23,13:24-30

Memory verse: " But I roughly treat my body, and bring it into subjection

lest by any means, when I have preached to others,

I myself should be disqualified" 1 Cor 9:27

Central Truth: Next time you help someone pass an exam

only to see yourself fail then can you accurately gauge the

intensity of being a signpost.

Conclusion: Remember King Solomon, an embodiment of wisdom

could have been said to have died in folly. Moses led

the Israelites to the Promised Land, saw it but never

entered the land. Let him that think he stand...(1 Cor 10:12)


1.What has accounted for this phenomenon?

2. Should it be our business to fish out

the bad ones?

3.Why is God still tolerating the bad nuts?

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