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What is a daily quiet time?

· Habitual period of time devoted to spend alone with God through Bible reading, meditation, singing and prayer

· Quieting of the heart to have a one-on-one conversation with God

· Time for stillness and allowing Him to breathe His truth into your heart

· Time to share your burdens, concerns and anxieties (Proverbs 3:5-7; Psalm 37:5-7)

· Time to express your love and thanksgiving to your Father

· Singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Psalms 96:1, Col 3:16; Eph 5:19)

Why is a daily quiet time necessary?

· God desires a personal relationship with each believer

· In that quietness, we derive strength from God (Isaiah 30:15)

· In that quiet state, He gives inspiration and direction (Pro 3:6; Psa 25:4-5, Isa 30:21)

· Fellowship with other believers and Learning from mentors can never replace it

How long should I do my quiet time?

· Do not set a time limit, just set aside time, cut off unnecessary stuff that waste time

· Instead of a loving relationship, it becomes a task/burden

Where should a quiet time be done?

· Any place void of distractions

· A place where you will not be guilty of misappropriation of time

When should a quiet time be done?

· Anytime of the day, but such that you are at rest in yourself

· A time when you will not be distracted by the cares/pressures of this world

· Traditionally, most Christians prescribe early morning (Psa 5:3; 59:16; 57:7,8)

What does it entail?

· Consists of two main parts; speaking and listening

· Speaking: Voicing out our thankfulness, praise, joys (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

· Speaking: Voicing out our cares and frustrations (1 Peter 5:7)

· Speaking: Jesus’ Model of Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)

· Every spiritual guidance or conviction will line up with God’s Word

What tools are required?

· A Study Bible, A devotional guide or a personal topical guide

· Study Aids (Concordances, Dictionaries, Commentaries)

What pitfalls should be avoided?

· Over-reliance on study aids to the neglect of study of the Bible

· Doing quiet time just to appease your conscience

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