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LUKE 16:19 – 31 / 2 CORINTHIANS 5:11 – 20


· The teaching on hell is not to inspire fear in us

· Jesus taught on hell more times than anyone did in Scripture

· Hell is one of only two eternal destinations

Reality of Hell

· Hell is real just as God is real

· Hell is real just as the Scripture is true

· Hell is a geographical space just as Heaven exists

Characteristics of Hell

· A place of outer darkness (Matthew 8:12)

· A place where the worm never dies (Matthew 9:48)

· A place of unquenchable fire (Matthew 25:41)

· No vacation for the inhabitants of hell

Lessons from the first Passage (Luke 16:19 – 31)

· It is not a parable

· A tale of real living people

· Jesus opened a doorway of eternity for his listeners to peep into

· Lazarus didn’t go to heaven because of his poverty

· Neither did the rich man go to heaven because of his riches

· In hell, his senses (hearing, feelings, mouth, memory, sight, thirst) were very active

· The people we know who did not die in the Lord are still alive in hell

· The preaching of the gospel is for the living and not the dead

Lessons from the second Passage (2 Corinthians 5:11 – 20)

· The fear of the Lord persuades us to share the Gospel (vs11)

· The love of God compels us (vs 14)

· Now we don’t live unto ourselves, we live unto God (vs15)

· We have been assigned the ministry of reconciliation (vs 18-19)

· We have been assigned as ambassadors of Christ (vs20)

· Our lives determine whether onlookers will be attracted to our country of sending


· We have to preach the Gospel

· God does not enjoy the death of sinners

· It is our duty to rescue those who are on their way to hell (Jude 1:22-23)

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