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The Bible admonishes all believers to love unconditionally like Jesus Christ loved us. His love is supposed to radiate freely out of us to people because we are a reflection of His Person here on earth. How easy is it to express love to a difficult boss, a hostile work colleague, a person who simply refuses to return love, an unloving or unbelieving spouse and persons of other faith?

Focal Passages

· (Romans 12:9 – 21, Matthew 5 – 7)

The Jesus Way of Loving

· Make peace with the person whom you have offended (Matthew 5:23).

· Do not retaliate when you are offended (Matthew 5:38 – 39).

· Go the extra mile in giving to others (Matthew 5:40 – 42).

· Pray for the person who mistreats you (Matthew 5:44).

· Forgive those who have offended you (Matthew 6:12, 14).

· Do not judge others (Matthew 7:1 – 4).

Love As Taught By The Apostles

· Be sincere in your love for others (Romans 12:9).

· Excel in honouring each other (Romans 12:10).

· Take care of other Christians and be hospitable to strangers (Romans 12:13).

· Ask God to bless your enemies (Romans 12:14).

· Share in the joys and sorrows of each other (Romans 12:15).

· Do not discriminate or show partiality (Romans 12:16 – 17).

· Make room for the vengeance of God (Romans 12:18 – 19).

· Do good to your enemies (Romans 12:20 – 21).


· Are there any lessons that we can take from this study?

· What new thing do you hope to be able to do?

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