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It has already started on the airwaves, the day when all the virtues of mothers are extolled, Mothers’ Day. It’s become woven into the fabric of our society and so excellent is this idea that even the churches and other religious societies have joined the press in hyping this day. Is it worth it? Do our mothers deserve all these praise? Having grown up in a culture where it is mostly mothers who are responsible for the welfare of children be it in a family or in the case of single parenting, I will be the first to admit that mothers deserve all these praise, if not more. In my own life as a person, I have come to appreciate womanhood /motherhood based on what I’ve witnessed in my maternal family, from my grandmother to my mother and to some mothers in my family. All that I have been, all that I am and all that I will ever be, I give glory to God for giving me the kind of woman she gave me as a mother. Motherhood was a noble profession, and still is. However changing times have come with the changing roles of women in families. I doubt if motherhood can still be noble in the times to come considering what we are seeing today. Women are caught in web of rendering service to their place of work while they are supposed to mothers in their homes. It must be noted that there are several women who have excelled in both ministries. However, there are still some who are struggling to excel in both, they manage to excel at their work place but can rarely function as mothers. Is it for any reason that there is the advent of the employment of house helps and baby sitters to fill in that role of motherhood that some of our career women are gradually abandoning. Any fertile woman can conceive and give birth to a baby, but not any baby-bearer eventually becomes a mother.

Below is a quote from one preacher which I second and believe so much as well. “I am truly sorry for what has happened today in some aspects of the women’s movement where we have lost an admiration for what true womanhood is all about. Somehow we have caused people to believe that motherhood is not as noble as other professions could be. One of the most catastrophic losses of our time is the loss of the glory of womanhood. We’ve made people believe that it is better being out there making money for some corporation other than attending to this call God has bestowed on us. I am not arguing for better of one to the worse of the other, it is about giving dignity to both” Dr. Ravi Zacharias (The Inner Ache of Loneliness II).

Sadly, the majority of such people themselves have benefited so much from this blessed profession, and society is beginning to make them feel guilty to tow the same line of our blessed mothers. The main reason that makes me doubt that motherhood will continue to be noble is the fact that women who until now are thought to be the torchbearers of fidelity in relationships as well as beacons of hope for a world which has sank to the lowest ebb of immorality of all times, are now as guilty as some men who have vowed to cast their seed abroad. I was dumbfounded recently when a police patrol swoop on some prostitutes in Accra revealed that some of them were nursing mothers who left their children in the care of others so that they can indulge in their sin. More so I believe many men who take usual solitary walks through the city might have come the fear-gripping thought that sex is not only no more for sale but could be doled out by some ‘generous’ women. In the garden of Eden, Eve was naked, her eyes opened to her nakedness (after the fall) and God clothed her, in our time the eyes of our ladies have opened to the fact that they are clothed and as such are doing everything possible to unclothe themselves, if this is not the case why all these filth in some of our print media, TVs and even real life situations where women are portrayed as objects of sex. It’s as though it is economically unwise to buy the Playboy magazine since all that you would want to see walks and works with you, only a little dignified. Virginity is not even a virtue now. Sometimes I wonder if there will be any more virgins to be given in marriage to the young men who are now growing up. I believe it is time that the feminists movement around will take on this as a campaign, “NOBILITY & MORALITY AMONG WOMEN”.

Read a quote from another preacher.

“In 1920, the women’s suffrage movement gave the American woman the right to vote, an event said to have liberated the modern woman. Yet this landmark also ushered in other forms of ‘liberation’ regarding women. Up to this time, women were said to be the custodians of morality in America. But suddenly, as women gained more freedom, the hems of their skirts began to rise higher and higher. Until 1919, women wore dresses that were so long, they virtually scraped the ground. Now as the new immorality of their time took root, dress codes changed drastically, the new decade became the era of flappers, young women who wore thin, form fitting dresses in an effort to shake off the old Victorian moral codes. This change in dress was so unprecedented and so abrupt, an alarmed fashioned writer for the New York Times declared, ‘The American woman has lifted skirts far beyond any modest limitation’. Another writer warned, ‘if (dresses’ hem) are nine inches off the ground today, there could come a day when our nation becomes so immoral, hems will rise to the knee caps’. These were not the rantings of conservative preachers, but of the unconverted press. What would they think of today’s mini-skirts, revealing dresses and near-nude bathing suits? David Wilkerson (pg4 God’s Plan to Protect His People”.

We love you our mothers. We appreciate all the care and love of God that we have been favoured to see in you. Our only fear is that in some years to come, our children may not feel so proud to praise their mothers as we are doing now. It looks like somehow, somewhere, someone is failing to complete the changeover of the baton. If you love as we have always known, then please leave your kind on earth before you pass away.

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