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(Matthew 7:13 – 20; 1st John 1:5 -2:17)

Context of Passage in Matthew

· God’s original plan for Israel was a promise that they will be a kingdom of priests and kings (Exodus 19:6; 1 Peter 2:9)

· John the Baptist preached that the Kingdom was near

· Jesus Christ himself also emphasized that the kingdom was just in view

· At the end of the Jesus’ sermon on life in the Kingdom of God (Beatitudes)

· Matthew 5 -7 supposed to be the ‘normal’ life of those who enter the Kingdom (rules and regulations)

Gate into the Kingdom

· In most of His sermons, Jesus introduced himself as the entrance into the Kingdom

· There is a narrow gate and a narrow way (Jesus Christ and His Way of Life)

· There is a broad gate and a broad way (Sin and its worldly life)

· Narrow Gate: The Way , the Truth and the Life (John 14:6)

· Narrow Gate: The Door to Salvation (John 10:1 – 9)

· What seems to be popular now is narrow gate & a broad way

Entry into the Kingdom

· Not for flesh and blood

· Need for 2nd birth (John 3:5)

· Water Baptism/ Spirit Baptism

Evidence of Being a Member of the Kingdom

· By the fruits that they bear (Matthew 7:20)

· Correction from the Father (Hebrews 12:5 – 12)

· Not those who simply profess Him as Lord (Matthew 7:21)

· Not those who live as if they had no law (Matthew 7:23)

How Do We Know That We Know the King

· If we walk in the Light (1st John 1:5 – 6)

· Our reaction to SIN (1st John 1:8 – 10)

· If we obey His Word (1st John 2:3 – 5)

· If we love others (1st John 2:9 – 11)

· Our love for the things of this world diminishes (1st John 2:15 – 17)

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