“Oh my friends, we are loaded down with countless church activities, while the real work of the church, that of evangelizing and winning the lost is almost entirely neglected”

Oswald J. Smith


· Appraisal of evangelistic activities for the year

· Commendation for Evangelism team and other individuals

What Is The Role Of Obedience In Evangelism?

· The message gets to the intended recipients.

o Philip’s obedience and the salvation of the Ethiopian Eunuch

o Peter’s obedience and the salvation of Cornelius & his household

o Paul’s obedience to the Macedonian call and ripple effects of salvation

§ Lydia, the Philippian jailor, Thessalonica, Corinth etc

· People give glory to God on our behalfs

· The Lamb of God that was slain receives the reward of His suffering

How Is This Obedience Supposed To Be Manifested? (Eze. 3:18-21; Jud 21-24)

· God has designated us as His watchmen, fire officers or swimming life guards

o As a lifeguard, sound the alarm when they cross the red line.

o As a watchman, warn them of impending danger on their lives.

o As a fire officer, rescue them from the fire.

What Are The Consequences Of Disobedience In Evangelism?

· God will require the blood of sinners from our hands (Eze 3:18)

· The Divine Hand of God will push us to do it (Acts 8:1, Jon 1:7)

· God always has substitutes on His bench

How Did God Intervene When His People Disobeyed

· The Story of Jonah (Jon 1:7-17)

o God gives second chances

o God’s salvation is not restricted to any select group. Available to all

o God’s mercy for Nineveh vs Jonah’s mercy for the plant (Jon 4:5-11)

o God’s destruction of the plant vs Jonah’s wish for the destruction of Nineveh

o Like Jonah, do we not value the temporary blessings that God brings our way to comfort us, yet we wish evil for the people who we perceive as enemies

· The First Persecution of the Church (Acts 1:8; 8:1)

What Happened When Others Disobeyed?

· Some parts of North Africa and Asia were known to be the seats of Christianity

What Would Have Happened If Others Broke The Chain Of Obedience?

· The message would never have come to Africa

So What Should We Do?

· Show Video And Discuss

Prayer Topics

· That God will reignite the fire of passion in our hearts

· That God will send more workers to the field

· Grace to demonstrate our obedience

· God will open the hearts of people and subdue minds which exalt themselves against the knowledge of Christ (2 Cor 4:3-4;10:4,5)

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